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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> are you okay? i can hear. >> deafening explosion and fire caught on video posted to youtube. the power of the blast leveled buildings in a flat five block radius leaving behind acene destruction and devastation. the a.t.f. has been activated to lead the inveigion into the explosion. a vast area is being treat at
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crime scene right now. the latest casualty count teen five and 15 people dead. abc7 news reporter is there with the latest. >> an entire portion of west, texas, is gone after two explosions in 24 minutes of each other. emergency crews continue to go door-to-door search. >> at dinner time a massive explosion shattered the town through a town of 2,hull. the fertilizer plant ignited like a fireball with a mushroom cloud smoke rising. this afternoon, rain is easing concerns that the deadly chemical is being spread bit winds. >> the weather did help us in some aspects with the chemical part of the fire. obviously that is keeping the chemicals out of the environment. >> officials do not know how many people are dead or missing. at this point they are still saying 5- to 15-per have been
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killed and almost 200 injureed. search-and-rescue teams are going house-to-house certain. >> something ignited and there was a massive explosion. wee every ambulance we can get this way. several first responders, mostly volunteer firefighters, are among the ming. the blast was heard up to 45 miles away. >> get out of here. get out. >> it registered as a 2.1 earthquake. sharon's sister-in-law is in a nursing home near the plants the. >> she said a ceiling collapsed on her. she got to the hospital and they removed her covers she was covered with broken glass. >> portions of the town were completely wiped out with 100 homes and businesses in a five-block radius damageed. >> it is still not known exactly
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what caused the explosion but investigators are still treating this as a crime seen until they can determine if it was an industrial accident with the a.t.f. leading the investigation. >> tomorrow marks 20 years since another huge fire in waco caught the nation's attention. on april 19, 1993, a 51-day stand off between the f.b.i. and a religious consult ended in a tragic fire, 76 cult members died in the place. another six branch davidians and four federal agents died in a bun embattle head by david koresh who refused to surrender. >> abc7 news reporter is headed to west, texas, to bring us live coverage of the explosion with reports later today on abc7 news. she will tweet updates for us, as well. we will have continued
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you and you can f u on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. with breaking news developments they will be there several law enforcement agencies could be looking at two potential suspects in the boston bombings, one at each blast site. president obama visited boston for an enter faith service to pay tribute to the victims of the bombings. today, a grieving city is trying to he. president obama and the first lady joined in an interfaith service dedicated to the victims of the bombing and offered support and encourage m our prayers are with the injured. we will be with you as you learn to stand, walk, and, yes, run again. >> the cathedral was packed with victims, first responders, government officials and members of the community. there were prayers for those recovering from injury and tears
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for the three people who died, 29-year-old krystle campbell, lu, a native of china and 8-year-old martin richard. tracy helped his younger sister who lost a young. >> if my daughter were injured like that, so badly injured and so scared but she was incredibly brave. >> sources tell use that the f.b.i. has images of two men both possible suspects. the best video comes from cameras at the lord & taylor store. >> there is video that has raised the question of those, the f.b.i. would like to speak with. we need the public's help in locating the individuals. >> f.b.i. agents are also processing hundreds of pieces of evidence including circuit borders, small nails and the remains of a pressure cooker bomb. >> it is extremely important to match the bomb to the bad guy.
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>> we are having audio difficulty. this little boy, aaron hern, we will talk about him right now. >> he was injured in the boston bombings and has taken a huge step forward is how the family described the recovery, dramatically improving according to his mother. he suffered a deep thigh wound and other injuries while watching his mom finish the marathon. this morning, she says he has been taken off oxygen. the neck brace has been removed and they are looking forward to physical therapy. a half dozen restaurants are holding fundraisers to help the family with spends. >> way to show your support is to share this get well
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facebook by going to our facebook page. owe news reporter and anchor will continue reporting on latest developments from boston later today on abc7 news. you can follow her instant updates oitter, well. >> from san francisco this moing, the city's annual 190 great quake commoti was disrupt by a bomb square. a security guard founda market street this morning before theht traditional event at the founin forcing organizers to move. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at the fountain. >> tradition got derailed for a bit this morning where for the past 10 years survivors and locals alike have gathered to remember the great quake. but this morning getting here was tough. the bomb squad shut the area down. they gathered in period stume
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to commem great quake of 1906. getting through that traditional gathering spot was impossible. san francisco police shut down market street at 3:00 a.m. and investigated a suspicious package left on the sidewalk. the tip came from a security guard. the bomb squad called in. the item turned out to be harmless. >> with want people when they see something to say something. we are absolutely happy they d we shut down the area the. >> it made if lots of confusion about where the earthquake ceremony would be held. we came all the way from orange county and all dressed up and little upset but we found out it was here. >> it was detour up to union square where the traditional remember an had a new home. >> we decided with a crowd of 200 people to relocate up here commemorate and celebrate what happened here in our city 1307 -- 107 years ago. >> tradition was back on track hours later.
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folks payment this fire hydrant gold and it is ckme giant because itav the mission district great after the earthquake. rick never misses they an interruption was not enough to change his maps. >> my great, great grandmother died in the earth and it is a way to remember that. the ceremonyat union square still came off at 5:12 when the earthquake hit. this is the first year that survivors did not attend the ceremony. we are told they decided to sleep in. by the way the suspicious package was nothing more than a bag of clothes. we are live in san francisco for abc7 news. >> to help you prepare for the next >>eric:, be sure to look at the prepare norcal page at abc7 news with everything you need to know to be ready for the next big earthquake. >> there has been a daring jewelry heist at an east bay
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mall. who police are looking for after robbers target add macy's store. >> the psychological effects of tragedies like the texas explosion and the boston marathon bombing
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>> new this morning the miss man accused of mailing letters with ricin is chargedit threatening the president. the department of justice said this morning 45-year-old paul kevin curtis faces two federal charges of threatening the president and others. he was arrested about 100 piles from where the letters were mailed. through his attorney, he said he is innocent and surprised he was arrested. >> a witness has come forward to a brazen smash-and-grab robbery last night in concord sun valley mall. abc7 news reporter amy
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hollyfield joins us. this happened while customers were still in the store? >> that is right. it was very brazen. we met a woman at jewelry counter and she realized what was happening and the counter was being robbed. she said it was very scary. >> conquered police say three men robbed the concord macy's jewelry counter at gunpoint while the store was open. she was trying to return jewelry and walked up on the robbery. >> people really didn't know what was going on, we all just froze which is not quite the reaction you think you would have if that moment. >> police say no one was hurt but witnesses say i was step -- terrifying. >> it was hard to tell, a man was maybe kicking the woman who was down on the ground crying and another woman was standing up against the wall cryingnd policeelve escaped in a stolen toyota that was fondoned in pleasant
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hill. the manage says the store has no comment. >> i have bought jewelry there and i don't know, it is weird. crazy. i have lived in this area all my life and it never has been a place you have to worry about. >> these are the sign of the times and people are hungry for money and i hope they catch both. >> police have not released a description of the men and she said she did not get a good look at them. >> all i focused on was the women who were crying. you see people who are hurt or in distress and you hone in on them. they got the jewelry and got away. no arrests have been made. this is not the first macy's to be targeted, walnut creek, eight miles from here, was problemmed in december. that happened when the store was closed. i called police this morning in walnut creek and concord and
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they do not know if the two are related. >> mike nicco is ahead with the changing forecast. >> did you notice a difference this only when you stepped outside? look at the embarcardero, the trees are not flying, the flags are limp, so high pressure is here. warming trend is on t way and it may be warmer than. ie the 80's and 90's going do hang out in the forecast. >> 90's! vio, mas s this incredible swallowing up cars and the rescues that crews havexsx; xá0!
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all e bay area, this is abc7 news. >> unbelievable pictures happening in chicago. firefighters and police are keeping spectators away from this giant sinkhole that swallowed three cars. the ground just gave way and tumbled into the hole. one person had to be pulled out of the crater and taken to a local hospital after heavy rain
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and flooding in the area overnight. not clear if that is what caused the ground to open up. we will hear more i am sure about it. >> in the wake of the double tragedies, the boston bombings and the texas explosion americans are feeling the devastating effects. abc7 news chief medical editor says people who is experienced trauma if their own lives are susceptible to flash backs. young people could suffer anxiety and confusion. >> look for any sign someone may not be coping. perhaps they are having trouble engaging socially. this could be traumatic. >> coping techniques include having conversations with loved ones or looking for ways to help others to turn bad into good. we have local resources on under "see it on tv." >> the red cross provides services that are very useful for folks. i want to put that out there and go to our website because we
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have a couple more. >> we want to share some weather d startin e heat. >>e inland reayb thinking of turning the air nditioning on, maybe the firs ti year and possibl 9s in the forecast. before we get do that we are taking babytwe r of the wind. th is t fi the warming trend with dry air over the to which us. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd and you can see how dry the air is. beautiful picture from east bay hills and high definition shot back to the coast where we are clear this morning. here is what i think will happen during this forecast cycle. it will be sunny, calmer, and warmer today. we do have a few clouds as a weak boundary moves through tonight and tomorrow but mostly along the coast and it will spill in the bay. it will halt the warming trend at least if a day but when it comes back it comes back with a vengeance. beautiful picture from emeryville with the new bay bridge to mount sutro with
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temperatures from three degrees warmer to paired to yesterday in concord and san jose. that is where you will notice the warming trend. look at the wind speed, what a difference 24 hours make, most of us below ten miles per hour but livermore is holding on with a gust of 22 miles per hour. the coast is a little bit calmer at 14 miles per hour at half moon bay. temperatures, speaking of coast, you were in the mid-30's and upper 50's at half moon bay and look at the mid-to-upper 50's along the bay similar to santa clara we are 70 and same along the creek and swarmest -- warmest in pittsburg. high pressure is kicking the low away from us and all the breezes that it brought with us and this low will drop anchor and hang around the next seven days with storms staying to the north a off to the east. that is why we will have a dry and pattern. check out temperatures today, mid-to-upper 70's, in sant clara vall, shows 76.
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the fence that is delightful, low-to-mid 70's, high burn factor this time of the year and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and daly city is 63. 70 in sausalito. in the valley, mid-to-upper 70's and 10 to 15 decks -- degrees cooler at the beaches. mid-to-upper 70's in the east bay valley. away the state today, tomorrow, next couple of days, same area of high pressure and same results. immediate temperatures and near 79 in sacramento and 57 in tahoe and mid-60's in yosemite, and monterey and mid-to-upper 70's in san diego and los angeles. tonight it will be clear, notice a few clouds around monterey and half moon bay, and down to santa cruz but that is it. we are in the upper 40's to mid-50's. the seven-day outlook shows tomorrow, again, cooler at the coast with the cloud cover, the rest of us about the same and look at the low-to-mid 80's
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inland and mid-to-upper 70's at the bay and if that is not warm enough check out the near 90-degree temperatures next week inland and low-to-mid 80's around the bay and mid-60's at the coast is where the summer warmth is coming in the forecast. abc7 news has another great weather forecast on twitter with the latest bay ar wer itions rain or she or get video fe thair" alerts which nt have with this heat way power outage information and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> we have breaking news from santa cruz county, part of a campus has been evacuated because of a bomb threat, a student is reporting that they heard a student make a let and the student was detained. with the events in boston they take this very seriously so checking out reports and it is evacuated and students are asked to stay away from the campus. >> we will follow that at and now, san francisco-based twitter is
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launching a new music-sharing app called hashtag music letting you tweet songs from online music services. it lets twitter users listen to music and you can download hashtag music through apple's app store. the company says a version will be available for the droid devices. >> still ahead, where you can catch a colorful mix of science and art come to light. >> all free,
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>> at 3:00 on katie, amazing reunions. on abc7 news at 4, a michigan principal was near the end of the boston marathon when the
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events exploded and the special event the school is planning. at 5:00, feel the effects of the government budget cuts? what is on tap for the unemployed in california, tonight at 5:00. >> we have been telling you of the opening of the new exploritorium on san francisco's waterfront. look at this spectacular laser light art show. that is so cool. crowds gathered outside the new exploritorium to watch the colors change. >> you like the time-lapse? >> it was projected from the roof of our building here at abc7 news and there was another free light show tonight at 8:30. >> you can get there early and check out the new exhibits and you do want to take public transportation. >> we are the special tv partner
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hey, guys. hi, baby. [laughs] hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant feels that if he could handle open-heart surgery, he can certainly take on millionaire. please welcome, from las vegas, bruce miller. nice to see you, bruce. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. >> so when did you have your surgery? >> two years ago--actually, the same surgery that your friend--and right around the same time--barbara walters had hers. >> really? >> mm-hmm. >> and hers was very successful. and you look great. >> mine was successful. it helps to have a good surgeon, yeah. >> absolutely. well, we're so glad that you are feeling fine and here with us. and i know that that surgery sort of changed your outlook

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